(A few more) Absurd Questions in the Bible

God has a way with rhetorical questions. Some of His questions carry more of a shock effect, while others make you pause and reflect. And, some of them make you shake your head and think, “Is He being serious? No way could that happen.”  Consider these two questions found in Isaiah 45:9:

“Does the clay say to the potter . . . ‘What are you making’?

Does your work say, ‘He has no hands’?”

As absurd as it sounds for the clay to say to the potter–“What are you making?”–how many times do we challenge God in a similar way when we ask Him something like, “Why are things so bad in the world? Are You sure You know what You’re doing?”

Maybe we should just go for a spin on the potter’s wheel and allow ourselves to become soft and pliable in the hands of the Holy Designer. Just because the rest of the world challenges the sovereignty of God is no reason we should.

Question to ponder: What will it take for you to rest on the potter’s wheel and allow the Lord to complete His divine design in your life–no questions asked?