Questions asked by Achish and Agrippa

Welcome to week six of studying questions in the Bible. This week we look at questions asked by Achish, found in the Old Testament. Achish was the king of Gath, and David ran to him when he was being chased by King Saul. This week we will also spend some time in the New Testament, studying the one question King Agrippa asked. Go deep.

In your journal or notebook, be sure to record: (1) To whom was the question asked? (2) What was the response? (3) What difference did the question make?

When we complete this journey, you will have studied every question in the Bible. Have fun!

Questions asked by Achish

Why bring him to me? 1 Sam. 21:14                                                                                              

Am I so short of madmen that you have to bring his fellow here to carry on  like this in front of me? 1 Sam. 21:15

Must this man come into my house? 1 Sam. 21:15                                                                    

Where did you go raiding today? 1 Sam. 27:10                                                                           

Is this not David, who was an officer of Saul, king of Israel? 1 Sam 29:3                              

 Question asked by Agrippa

Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian? Acts 26:28