Questions Balaam and Balak Asked

Balaam and Balak had a unique relationship. Balak was king of Moab and Balaam was a prophet who didn’t mind making a little money on the side. When Balak approached him about cursing the nation of Israel, God specifically told Balaam not to do what Balak asked. Balaam compromised the Lord’s directive and ended up being corrected by a donkey. It’s a great story.

As we go through questions alphabetically by who asked the question(s), it just so happens that Balaam and Balak are next to each other in the alphabetical list. So you can enjoy studying the questions asked by both men.

In your journal or notebook, be sure to record: (1) To whom was the question asked? (2) What was the response? (3) What difference did the question make?  (4) What do you realize about God that you didn’t before this week’s quest?

Please post your thoughts and insights. Everyone can  learn from everyone.

Questions Balaam Asked

But can I say just anything? Num. 22:38

How can I curse those whom God has not cursed? Num. 23:8

How can I denounce these whom the Lord has not denounced? Num. 23:8

Who can count the dust of Jacob, or number the fourth part of Israel? Num. 23:10

Must I not speak what the Lord puts in my mouth? Num. 23:12

Does He speak and then not act? Num. 23:19

Does He promise and not fulfill? Num. 23:19

Did I not tell you I must do whatever the Lord says? Num. 23:26

Who dares to rouse them? Num. 24:9

Did I not tell the messengers you sent me – “Even if Balak gives me his palace filled  with silver and gold, I could not do anything of my own accord, good or bad, to go beyond the command of the Lord–and I must say only what the Lord says?” Num. 24:23

Ah, who can live when God does this? Num. 24:23

Questions Balak Asked

Did I not send you an urgent summons? Num. 22:37

Why didn’t you come to me? Num. 22:37

Am I really not able to reward you? Num. 23:37

What have you done to me? Num. 23:11

What did the Lord say? Num. 23:17