Questions Boaz and Caleb asked

This week we will look at the questions of two men in the Old Testament–Boaz, the husband of Ruth, and Caleb, one of the leaders of Israel. Each of these men asked a question that pertained to the women in their lives.

Take your time reading these chapters. Ask the Lord to show you something new. In your journal or notebook, be sure to record: (1) To whom was the question asked? (2) What was the response? (3) What difference did the question make?  (4) What do you realize about God that you didn’t before this week’s quest?

Remember – if you continue through these Weekly Quests, you will have studied every question in the Bible by the time you reach the end.

Please post your thoughts and insights. Everyone can  learn from everyone.

Questions Boaz Asked

Whose young woman is this? Ruth 2:5

Questions  Caleb Asked

What can I do for you? Joshua 15:18  (Read Joshua 15:1-19 and Judges 1:12-15)