Don’t Rush God

Read Psalm 94

Scholars aren’t sure who wrote Psalm 94. But one thing is certain–this psalmist was desperate for the Lord to intervene on his behalf. He appears to do a lot of self-talk, considering he asks nine questions in his cry of desperation. One question in particular stands out . . .

“Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?” Psa. 94:16

While we live in a day and time when it appears evil is winning as pressure on Christ-followers mounts, we can find comfort, hope, and strength in the words of this desperate man. Scattered between his rhetorical questions, the psalmist reveals what God can and will do:

  • He is fully aware of what’s happening in our nation and the world today (94:9-10)
  • Almighty God knows our very thoughts (94:11)
  • He brings relief when trouble increases (94:13)
  • The Lord remains faithful and loyal to His followers (94:14)
  • His judgment is perfect and righteous, and the upright in heart will understand when it’s revealed (94:15)
  • Meanwhile, if we slip, His love supports us (94:18)
  • He replaces anxiety with consolation and joy (94:19)
  • God is our fortress and refuge (94:22)
  • He is just and will repay those who deserve His vengeance (94:23)

Take heart! God is aware, and He will arise! Don’t rush Him. Just trust Him.