Flying Off the Handle

Read 2 Kings 6:1-7

I love this story of Elisha, the young prophet, and the lost ax head. The poor guy was just doing his job when the ax head flew off the handle and landed in the water. He panicked because the ax head didn’t belong to him. And, since there was a shortage of metal at that time, replacing it would have been close to impossible. Elisha to the rescue. He calmly asked,

“Where did it fall?” (2 Kings 6:6)

Then he threw in a stick and, miraculously, the iron head floated to the top. Don’t ask me how. I think we can all agree that every miracle God performs defies human reasoning. I don’t try to figure Him out. I’m just grateful He is Who He is and He does what He does.

Recently I heard a speaker explain how to keep an ax head on the handle. He said if the handle is saturated in water, it will swell and hold the ax head more firmly in place. Then it won’t fly off the handle. His point was that staying saturated in the Word of God will prevent us from losing it. Indeed, scripture is powerfully life-changing.

Are you prone to flying off the handle? Try saturating your heart and mind in scripture on a regular basis. You’ll love the results and you’ll be less likely to lose it.