Questions Aaron Asked

The Bible contains more than 3,200 questions asked by nearly 200 individuals. Each Monday, we will feature a different “asker” of Bible questions. Spend time studying the questions by reading the scriptures listed so you can understand the context around each question. Then record: (1) To whom was the question was asked? (2) What was the response? (3) What difference did the question make? By the end of this multi-year journey, you will have studied every question in the Bible. You may even meet some Bible characters you didn’t know existed.

Let’s dig deeper into God’s Word–beginning with Aaron’s questions:

Would the Lord have been pleased if I had eaten the sin offering today? Leviticus 10:18  

Has the Lord spoken only through Moses? Numbers 12:2 (with Miriam)                   

Hasn’t He also spoken through us? Numbers 12:2 (with Miriam)             


  1. 1. Moses was directed this question, however it would have seemed rhetorical as the answer was a reaction response of satisfaction turning away anger. The difference could have been facing anger and its consequences, or the subtlety of the anger being appeased..

    2. These questions seem directed at the congregation of people at the Tent of Meeting, and God.. indirectly but He was listening. It registers a unspoken judgment though as well, in the context, Miriam and Aaron appear to not think Moses was as different from them as he married “outside” but God responds, This is Moses my friend, I talk to him like a friend… I talk to others in other ways. They were on dangerous, possibly deadly ground… attempting to be too familiar and disrespectful of God.
    The difference caused Miriam to be struck with leprosy, an outcast, it was the result of her arrogance and pride. Yet, God through the asking of Moses, had mercy and healed her in 7 days.

    My comment to all of this is: WOW I am grateful to God we have Jesus. How often in Church do we hear the voice of God coming through someone, as the prophets of old and we do not even record the words…. as if it were a common or profane thing. I am humbled by the knowledge of how Gracious and Kind Jesu is, and how often he must subdue the wrath of Father, because of me.

  2. I think it is interesting personally, these questions center around a subject I have long sought God concerning… Sacred and profane or common. Familiarity breeds contempt.
    To me God is Holy. Holy: in ways I can not imagine.
    In my NDE and I face the Thrones of God, and beheld His Majesty, I knew in that instant I had no right to be there and never did I deserve to be in Heaven, my unclean and arrogant pride, my willfulness and stubborn heart, was my downfall. This is truly the sin that repeats in mankind. It is the same stench as Lucifer… I will….

    Jesus came and stood beside me; telling God; August and Majestic… I know this one.

    In total brevity, I know what I am, and I know Jesus is my Savior. God is Holy and I am a worm, eating and defecating the dirt and filth of this life, and only Jesus can make me clean.

    I know we are missing an important redemptive understanding about God, and we fail to teach children, the difference between Sacred and profane.
    I have been to other Christian faiths, Catholic, Hebrew, and many Protestant.

    Hebrew teaching is the richest, in sacred, next Catholic, they border on ridiculous, however, they have an idea of Sacred. The Protestants, all disturb me with the arrogance of faith, yes we are to come boldly to God, however, you do not spit, nor defecate in His sanctuary. Where is the hushed tone? The silent expectation of HOLY, the reverence for the Almighty, I have been to Tupperware meetings with more respect; seriously. That is me, and not a crashing judgement, I say very little of this, to anyone but it did strike me with these questions, and it is only my opinion…

    I think our Absolute and Holy God is making Himself known; soon in deeper and absolute ways, and after all Jesus is coming for a bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish: are we?


    1. I did not realize everyone could read this; feel free to delete my comments…;-)

  3. Are we supposed to answer these weekly questions? I have some questions about the Abimelech questions…
    Joshua and Abraham did the same thing to this guy?? WOW…

  4. Are we supposed to answer these weekly questions? I have some questions about the Abimelech questions…
    Issac and Abraham did the same thing to this guy?? WOW…

    1. Yes – Answer weekly. You can post here, or just do a study on your own. Personally, I enjoy reading other people’s comments.

      Regarding Isaac and Abraham doing the same thing to the same guy – some believe that Isaac was with a different Abimelech (different guy – same name). Others believe it was the same Abimelech. But, the fact that they both did the same thing is pretty crazy, isn’t it?

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