Questions asked by Amos

This week we will study the questions Amos asked. He was a farmer/prophet who prophesied in the days of King Uzziah and King Jeroboam. The book of Amos isn’t long, so take time to read it. And, if you want to check out the lives of Uzziah and Jeroboam, do that as well. Then analyze his questions.

In your journal or notebook, be sure to record: (1) To whom was the question asked? (2) What was the response? (3) What difference did the question make?  (4) What do you realize about God that you didn’t before this week’s quest?

Questions Amos asked:

Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? Amos 3:3

Does a lion roar in the thicket when he has no prey? Amos 3:4

Does he growl in his den when he has caught nothing? Amos 3:4

Does a bird fall into a trap on the ground where no snare has been  set? Amos 3:5           

Does a trap spring up from the earth when there is nothing to catch? Amos 3:6                

When a trumpet sounds in a city, do not the people tremble? Amos 3:6

When disaster comes to a city, has not the Lord caused it? Amos 3:6

The lion has roared—who will not fear? Amos 3:8

The sovereign Lord has spoken—but who can prophesy? Amos 3:8

Why do you long for the day of the Lord? Amos 5:18

Will not the day of the Lord be darkness, not light—pitch-dark without a ray  of brightness? Amos 5:20

Are they better off than your two kingdoms? Amos 6:2

Is their land larger than yours? Amos 6:2

Do horses run on rocky crags? Amos 6:12

Does one plow there with me? Amos 6:12

How can Jacob survive? Amos 7:2

How can Jacob survive? Amos 7:5