Weekly Quest – Welcome!

Did you know the Bible contains more than 3,200 questions? Probing questions. Challenging questions. Life-changing questions.

Weekly Quest takes you on a journey through 52 Bible queries–one quest for every week of the year. Each weekly quest is divided into seven segments, providing you a daily focus for Bible reading and thought-provoking inquiries. Imagine how your life will be positively affected after spending one year traveling through these God-inspired questions.

Feel free to share your thoughts, insights, challenges, and testimonials. You will inspire me, and you will encourage others.

The journey begins Monday, October 16. Subscribe before December 31, 2016 and receive a free copy of 25 Questions God Asked — Discover the Answers that will Change Your Life.



  1. Can’t wait to get started. My daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in September and is undergoing treatment. I need something like this right now!

  2. The instructions say that this starts Monday, October 16th. I believe Monday is October 17th….

  3. I’ve known Mary for many years and read some of the devotions in her book “Wait A Minute”. I can hardly wait until her new book is published. I’ve heard her speak several times and I love the way she writes, so down to earth. However, she helps you to see concepts in a different way. A Weekly Quest should be very interesting.

    1. Oh, Christine. Thanks so much for your kind remarks! Welcome to The Quest. Hope you enjoy the journey.

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