What is truth?

Read John 18:28-40

Recently I noticed a young woman sporting a T-shirt that read, “Speak your truth.” I wondered what her truth might be. Would her truth be different from my truth? And if everyone did speak their truth, how would we differentiate between truth and opinion?

People today are extremely opinionated, and truth is harder and harder to discern. It’s not a new problem, however. The dialog between Jesus and Pilate in John 18 indicates that not only did people not know the truth–they weren’t even sure what truth was. No wonder Pilate asked,

“What is truth?”

When Jesus first appeared before Pilate, he asked Him if He was indeed the king of the Jews. Jesus responded, “Is that your own idea, or did others talk to you about me?” (John 18:33-34). The Lord had left enough evidence in His wake that proved He was no ordinary man. His countless miracles alone were proof that He worked under a divine power never seen before. Surely Pilate had personally witnessed at least one of these miracles. Now, in the Presence of Jesus, he could either acknowledge the truth or renounce it. Too bad he lacked the boldness to speak with his mouth what he knew in his heart.

Speak His Truth.