Absurd Questions in the Bible

The Bible contains more than 3,000 questions asked by nearly 300 people. These questions serve different purposes and evoke various responses. Interestingly enough, some Bible questions almost force a response of, “That’s absurd! No way!”

This week, let’s look at two “absurd” questions posed to Job when he was in the midst of his horrendous trial. (By the way, if you haven’t read the book of Job, take time to check it out. This book is filled with insight into human nature, discovery of God’s character–and a ton of questions!)

Bildad, a so-called comforter, sat with Job as he expressed some of his innermost thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. Bildad rebuked Job, calling his words a “blustering wind.” Then he threw out these questions:

“Does God pervert justice? Does the Almighty pervert what is right?” Job 8:3

What do you think?

  • If someone asked you these questions today, how would you respond?
  • Why do you think some people accuse God of being unjust?
  • What do you know about God’s character that assures you Bildad’s questions are absurd?



  1. To answer your questions, I think when things go wrong, it’s easy to point blame, so why not point blame at God? But I think that the fact that there is good in this world, even good that comes out of suffering, is proof that God loves and cares for a world that continues to defy Him.
    But I’m going to change direction a bit…
    Your labeling of Bildad as a “so-called comforter” intrigued me, so I looked more into the character of Bildad.
    I always felt that Bildad was being the best friend that he could be. He saw his friend suffering and was trying to solve it by saying what made sense to him – that Job had done something wrong and he needed to fix it. I don’t think he meant to go against God, he was just trying to help. But we find in 42:7 that God rebuked Bildad for “not speaking what is right.” To be rebuked by God- ouch!
    This made me wonder how many times have I been a Bildad? How many times have I seen someone suffer and mistakenly spoke for God by trying to figure out why He was doing what He was doing?
    Maybe the best way for Bildad, and us, to support our friends through suffering is to just continue sitting in silence and prayer, rather than trying to figure out God.

    1. Wow Sarah. That’s pretty insightful! Never thought of it like that. Now I wonder how often I’ve been a Bildad. Thx for sharing. I wonder what other ppl think

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