Affirming Bible Questions

In 1 Samuel 9-10 we read how Samuel the prophet anointed Saul the first king of Israel. At that time, Saul was a bit of an awkward introvert. First, he made an excuse to Samuel–“But am I not a Benjamite, from the smallest tribe of Israel, and is not my clan the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin?” (see 1 Samuel 9:21). Later, when Samuel wanted to officially introduce Saul as the king, he was found hiding “among the baggage” (1 Sam. 10:22).

As Samuel, the wise prophet, anointed Saul with oil, he made this affirming statement/question:

“Has not the Lord anointed you leader over his inheritance?” 1 Samuel 10:1

What a great reminder of Who called and what the mission was! God calls, equips, and affirms!

  • What has the Lord asked you to do?
  • What affirmation did He give at the time He invited you to participate?
  • How can you stop looking at what you CAN’T do, and instead see what the Lord is enabling you to do?

Feel free to post your response. I love the discussion!