Day Four – Let God put you in your place

Today’s Scripture: Esther 2:3-18

Although Esther was born while the Jews were in captivity, she was in a place she didn’t want to be. She was forced to appear at the citadel for the king’s pleasure—married to a man she didn’t love. It was like double captivity. Now she had to become something she didn’t want to be—a queen in a land not her own. Yet the Lord let her find favor in the place where she was and He raised her to an influential position for a divine purpose—to save the Jewish population.

What place are you in right now?

Do you feel like a captive at work? Ask God to help you find favor with those over you. If He could give grace to Daniel, Nehemiah, and Esther, imagine what He can do for you.

Are you in a strained marriage? Ask the Lord to help you discover a blind spot in yourself that might be contributing to the strain.

Are you dissatisfied with your church? Don’t run. Stay and pray and become the parishioner you wish everyone else was.

The hard truth is that we can escape to a different place—a new job, a different relationship, or another church—but unless we change, everything will remain the same. Don’t try to change where you are until you change who you are.

  • What divine purpose does God have by putting you in your place? How do you need to change so His purpose can be fulfilled?