Day One – Whose Team is God On?

Are you for us or for our enemies? Joshua 5:13

Today’s Scripture: Joshua 5:13-15

While studying for this week’s quest, I’ve uncovered a hidden flaw in my concept of God: If I do everything I can to please Him, He’ll like me enough to join my team and assist me in fighting life’s battles. This reasoning can cause another internal dilemma—If God is on MY team, am I His favorite for the moment? If so, whose team did He abandon so He could join mine?

Joshua may have considered some of the same thoughts when he asked the angel, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” Imagine his surprise when the angel responded, “Neither.” Then the angel identified himself—Commander of the army of the Lord.

Wait. I thought Joshua was in charge. Apparently not.

Maybe you can relate to some of my internal struggles. Are we to be independent (as mature Christians) or dependent (on God)? Are we to engage the enemy or stand down? Do we wrestle against principalities and powers, or is the battle really the Lord’s? If so, who wrestles—Him or us?

Joshua’s question to the angel has led me on a battle study quest. This week we will look at different conflicts in the Bible and what led to supernatural victory. Hopefully by week’s end, we will have a clearer understanding of our role and God’s role in life’s conquests. Then it won’t matter if God is for us or for someone else. We just need to be for Him!

  • What confusion do you have regarding spiritual warfare and fighting life’s battles? Are you fighting harder than you need to, or are you not fighting hard enough?