Day Two – It’s a slow go

Today’s Scripture: Exodus 23:20-33; Joshua 5:14

When we look closer at the battles God instructed the Israelites to fight, we can see the supernatural in all of them—as long as the people followed the Lord’s instructions. Moving into the Promised Land was one battle after another, and God planned it to be a slow go, lest the people become overwhelmed.

In Exodus 23:20, we read how the Lord assured the Israelites that he was sending an angel ahead of them to bring them to their promised land—“The land I have prepared.” God continued that they would face enemies from different lands. Then He adds, I will wipe them out” (Exod. 23:20-23). The Lord also instructed them to demolish all idols and sacred stones set up by the other nations. Conquering the land was more than claiming real estate. It was a symbolic driving out of false deities—those things that detract from true worship of God.

Three things stand out to me: (1) God has our destination selected before we even know where we’re going. We just need to keep moving forward. (2) We will face many challenges along the way, but our worship of God must remain pure. (3) The Lord is the one Who ultimately conquers—not us. Whether He uses “terror and confusion” (Exod. 23:27) or “hornets” (Exod. 23:28), we just need to obey, walk, and watch.

No wonder the angel told Joshua he didn’t pick sides. There were no sides to pick—just an omnipotent God with a magnificent battle plan.

  • What scares you about following God into unfamiliar areas? How can you begin to obey, walk, and watch God work?