Day Two – Know your core values

Today’s Scripture: Psalms 101:7

Simply put, integrity is an unbroken condition or “wholeness.” When integrity is true, a person’s actions will be aligned with his/her core values—scriptural motivators like honesty, Godly obedience, or respect. Everyone should have four to six core values (grounded in scripture), serving as the axis by which decisions are made. The actions of a person of integrity will always align with his core values, no matter the cost. For instance, if someone’s core value is honesty, then cheating, lying, and deception will never be part of his life, even if it means losing a relationship or a job. However, someone who lacks integrity will be inconsistent from those values. He may talk about honesty. but his actions indicate otherwise. This disconnect is called duplicity or hypocrisy.

Jesus exposed the duplicity of the Pharisees to show people how these religious leaders could talk the talk (values), but they failed to walk the walk (actions). Jesus didn’t intend to merely expose the hypocrisy of these religious leaders. He wanted to protect the people from the negative effects caused by their legalistic influence.

Note the words of David, “He whose walk is blameless will minister to me” (Psa. 101:7). As people of influence, we need to live consistent with our Biblical values. Others are watching.

  • What are your core values? Are your values and actions in alignment?
  • Can people you minister to call your walk “blameless”? If not, why?