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Two Ways to Change the World

Read John 6:25-71 Too often when we read scripture, we filter it through western-culture minds. While this isn’t necessarily a wrong thing to do, it can cause us to lose the full impact of certain passages. For example, earlier in His ministry many of Christ’s followers defected because of His “hard teachings.” (See John 6:60, 66). It appears as if[…]

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Avoiding Burn-Out

Read Exodus 18:13-27 “Burn-out” has become a trendy excuse for quitting. In the midst of frustration, people make rash decisions, blaming burn-out as the culprit. There’s something about burn-out I’ve never understood:  If we’re acting in obedience to God, why would He set us up for failure? Moses came close to burning out–until his father-in-law came to the rescue. Moses[…]

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Stolen Worship

Read Mark 11:15-19 A woman told me recently that she finds it difficult to worship in church because, “I can’t stand the way people dress when they come to church.” She continued sharing that worshipping at church has become a challenge because of the numerous distractions. As she talked, I was reminded of when Jesus entered the temple area and[…]

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Don’t Rush God

Read Psalm 94 Scholars aren’t sure who wrote Psalm 94. But one thing is certain–this psalmist was desperate for the Lord to intervene on his behalf. He appears to do a lot of self-talk, considering he asks nine questions in his cry of desperation. One question in particular stands out . . . “Who will take a stand for me[…]

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Test Yourself!

Read 2 Corinthians 13:5-9 Medical doctors encourage patients–especially female patients–to conduct periodic “self-examinations” in order to discover any unusual changes in health. Early discovery carries more of a guarantee that the issue can be addressed and resolved in a relatively short period of time. However, ignoring signs of physical issues can result in prolonged, extensive, and costly treatments. Of course,[…]

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Depressing Decisions

Read 1 Kings 18:16-46; 19:1-21 Have you ever wished you could escape to a place where people aren’t?  Yeah. Me too. Mars sounds appealing sometimes, doesn’t it? The Lord didn’t create us to be isolated and alone. He knows that running from our problems won’t solve anything. Elijah thought he could escape from the prophet pressures by abandoning Israel, traveling[…]

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Bringing God Back

Read Judges 6 & 7 The name Gideon actually means “Mighty Warrior.” But, when the angel of the Lord appeared and told him to lead the fight against the Midianites, “Mighty Warrior” was hiding in a winepress. The angel tried to bolster Gideon’s courage by adding, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Gideon’s response: “If the Lord is with[…]

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Flying Off the Handle

Read 2 Kings 6:1-7 I love this story of Elisha, the young prophet, and the lost ax head. The poor guy was just doing his job when the ax head flew off the handle and landed in the water. He panicked because the ax head didn’t belong to him. And, since there was a shortage of metal at that time,[…]

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Tolerating Tolerance

Read Luke 9:51-56 For centuries, the Jews and Samaritans lived at odds with each other. It all stemmed back to when the Jews  were taken captive by the Assyrians (see 2 Kings 17:24-34). The king of Assyria moved in non-Jewish people from surrounding cities and had them settle in Samaria. These people brought in their own customs, culture, and forms[…]

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Open-Minded Christ Followers

Read Luke 24:13-49 Recently I’ve heard about two high-profile people in the Christian world who have recanted or are reevaluating their belief in Christ. One young man who had been an advocate for abstinence and moral virtue is now endorsing alternate lifestyles; the other faced serious difficulties and felt the Lord had disappointed him as he went through his trials.[…]

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