Day Six – Be an example

Today’s scripture: Mark 9:42-49; Romans 12:1; Numbers 18:19

Toward the end of the day, Jesus gave the disciples some extreme instructions: If you cause a little one to sin, it would be better to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around your neck. And cut off your hand or foot if they cause you to sin. Wow. Talk about extreme measures.

Then He said something unusual: Everyone will be salted with fire. The meaning of this statement isn’t clear. However, if we look at it in the light of the day’s happenings and stay within the context of what Jesus just said, maybe we can conclude that salt preserves and fire refines. If we are to be examples to others, we must allow the Lord to purify and remove anything from our lives that would keep us from being credible models.

In Numbers 18:19 we read how God instructed that sacrifices were to be seasoned with salt before they went into the fire. This process symbolized preservation and freedom from corruption. Maybe this is what Paul meant when he instructed us to present our bodies as living sacrifices—with a dash of salt.

When you think about it, there is a certain amount of sacrifice that goes into being an example. We must practice more restraint so as not to offend others, particularly those who are younger or weaker in the faith. Pay special attention today to the people God brings into your path. Add salt liberally.

  • Is your life something you’re confident that others should emulate? If not, what needs to change so your example is credible?
  • What does being a “living sacrifice” mean to you? What’s challenging about it? How do you find it rewarding?