Day Three – Be disciplined

Today’s Scripture: Mark 9:28-29; 1 Timothy 4:7b

 When the disciples were baffled because they couldn’t cast the demon out of the young boy, Jesus told them they needed to fast and pray—two key spiritual disciplines with which people often struggle.

Spiritual disciplines are activities we practice regularly until they become a natural part of our behavior. Consistent reading of the Word, prayer (individual and corporate), fasting, serving, and fellowshipping with other believers allow us to spend time with Jesus so we can become Christ-minded.

Paul instructed young Timothy to train or discipline himself to be godly. The Greek word for “train” is gymnazo which means to exercise naked or lightly clad, exerting as much effort as possible. “Exercising naked” in the spiritual sense means all distractions must be set aside and the focus needs to be on one thing—becoming godly.

  • Have you ever asked the Lord—like the disciples did—why certain things aren’t accomplished through your life? What was His response? What are you afraid He might say you need to do?
  • What other spiritual disciplines do you need to develop? When will you begin? What accountability will you need to remain consistent?