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(More) Absurd Questions in the Bible

Let’s look at a couple more “absurd” questions found in the book of Job. After Job spent time with his so-called comforters, God came on the scene and peppered Job with more than seventy questions. (Read Job 38-42). Remember, an absurd question often encourages a response of “No way!” However, God’s questions are more than absurd–they’re questions that were intended[…]

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Absurd Questions in the Bible

The Bible contains more than 3,000 questions asked by nearly 300 people. These questions serve different purposes and evoke various responses. Interestingly enough, some Bible questions almost force a response of, “That’s absurd! No way!” This week, let’s look at two “absurd” questions posed to Job when he was in the midst of his horrendous trial. (By the way, if[…]

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