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Day Five – Battle Plan: Leverage Your Fears

Today’s Scripture: Judges 6:1-40; 7:1-2 Fear is a natural emotion, but it needs to be controlled. If we let fear control us, we will become paralyzed. How do we control our fears? By continuing to move forward regardless of how or what we feel. Paralysis due to fear leads to unbelief. During the time of Gideon, fear flooded the nation[…]

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Day Four – Battle Plan: Raise A Banner

Today’s Scripture: Exodus 17:8-16 Not long after the Israelites escaped Egyptian bondage, they faced their first battle—against the Amalekites. Ironically that fight happened shortly after God provided fresh water from the rock. Isn’t that how life happens? We experience a wonderful blessing from God, and then all hell breaks loose. The Amalekites were descendants from Amalek whose name means “warlike.”[…]

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Day Three – Battle Plan: Be Silent and Walk

Today’s Scripture: Joshua 6:1-20 When the angel appeared to Joshua, the Israelites were facing the fortified city of Jericho. The walls around the city stood six feet thick and twenty-six feet high. It had to be unnerving to Joshua and the people. The Lord, however, was unfazed, because He was the one with the battle plan, and He assured them[…]

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Day Two – It’s a slow go

Today’s Scripture: Exodus 23:20-33; Joshua 5:14 When we look closer at the battles God instructed the Israelites to fight, we can see the supernatural in all of them—as long as the people followed the Lord’s instructions. Moving into the Promised Land was one battle after another, and God planned it to be a slow go, lest the people become overwhelmed.[…]

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Day One – Whose Team is God On?

Are you for us or for our enemies? Joshua 5:13 Today’s Scripture: Joshua 5:13-15 While studying for this week’s quest, I’ve uncovered a hidden flaw in my concept of God: If I do everything I can to please Him, He’ll like me enough to join my team and assist me in fighting life’s battles. This reasoning can cause another internal[…]

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