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Day Seven – Disciple Duplication

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 28:16-19 The Lord has a way of completing everything He starts. No loose ends. He tied everything up in a neat package during His final visit with the Eleven when He instructed them to “go make disciples.” But, wait. How could these uneducated, ordinary men merit making disciples? They were disciples themselves, following the divine Rabbi. What[…]

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Day Five – Exuberant Friendships

Today’s Scripture: John 18:10-11; Luke 22:33-38 As the time of Jesus’ crucifixion neared, His instructions to them changed. Previously, Jesus had sent them out without even a wallet or an extra pair of shoes. Now, He was telling them to pack up and be armed with a sword. Times were changing. The night of His arrest, Jesus and the disciples[…]

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Day Four – Fragile Friendships / Powerful Prayer

Today’s Scripture: John 15:12-16; Romans 8:34 Facebook is a wonderful tool, isn’t it? You can collect friends quickly and then brag about your popularity. If you like someone’s post, you can “share” it with your Facebook friends. If you don’t like what a person posts, you can simply “unfollow” him. Of course, we all know that the ultimate Facebook insult[…]

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Day Three – Identity Change

Today’s Scripture: John 15:15; Psalms 25:14 Jesus and His crew spent more than three years together. Of the twelve men he selected, one was a despised tax collector (Matthew); one was a thief (Judas); two had quick tempers (James and John); and one was unpredictable (Peter). Jesus patiently mentored, modeled, and at times mildly rebuked them. Under the divine Rabbi’s[…]

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Day Two – He Picked Us!

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 1:16-20; John 6:70 Jesus selected some raggedy guys to follow Him, but He took those relationships quite seriously. He went out of His way to enlist His followers, and He spent more than three years teaching and grooming them for full-time ministry. It was an unusual relationship between the Rabbi and His students. The fact[…]

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Day One – Releasing Regrets

Today’s Scripture: John 21:1-25; Luke 22:54-62; Matthew 26:69-75 Peter is probably everybody’s favorite disciple. He was an impulsive, rash, well-intentioned human being to whom we can all relate. He did some things we would never do, but his actions certainly make us feel better about our own gaffes. We would probably all agree that Peter’s greatest regret was when he[…]

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