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Day Seven – Everybody suffers

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:15; Leviticus 13:1-6 The book of Leviticus contains God’s detailed instructions to the priests and Levites and how they were to minister to the people, including specifics of dealing with diseases and other maladies. These poor priests were not only spiritual leaders—they had to diagnose skin rashes and sores. Miriam’s leprosy is the first recorded case after[…]

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Day Six – Act Quickly

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:4; Ecclesiastes 8:11 One of Miriam and Aaron’s complaints was that Moses wasn’t the only prophet in the house. “Hasn’t [the Lord] also spoken through us?” This sounds like our version of who does he think he is? Apparently, they forgot that God is the omniscient Giver of gifts. When the Lord heard their verbal attacks against[…]

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Day Five – Holy Competition

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:2; 2 Corinthians 10:12; Galatians 6:4 I’ve often wondered if competition should be found anywhere in the church. I’m not talking about activities like Bible quiz or other methods teachers use to encourage kids to learn. I’m referring to vying for positions of responsibility, or comparing one ministry or church to another. Some Bible scholars believe Miriam[…]

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Day Three – Undeserved Criticism

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:1-4 A mentor once told me that there are two types of criticism: Deserved and undeserved. She said if we have done something that merits the criticism, we should accept it and make the necessary changes. However, if the criticism is undeserved, we need pay no heed. In the case of Moses, the criticism about his marriage[…]

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Day Two – How big is your audience?

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:1; Proverbs 18:8; Psalms 141:3-4 Have you ever tried to keep your complaints to yourself? It seems impossible, or at the very least, futile, doesn’t it? Criticism is like food—it’s meant to be shared, right? One person serves it while the other person enjoys the buffet of words. In fact, Solomon said, “The words of a gossip[…]

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Day One – Sibling Rivalry

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:1-15 When my five-year-old granddaughter thinks she’s being overlooked if one of her sisters receives special attention, she sticks out her lower lip and pouts, “But what about me?” It’s not unusual to hear that from a child. In fact, it can turn into a great teachable moment for them to learn to celebrate the other person’s[…]

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