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Day Seven – He works while we sleep

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 19:27-29 Several years ago, I met an older pastor’s wife who told me she had had a nervous breakdown a few years back. “Whenever we faced a challenge in our ministry,” she said, “we would pray about it. Then I felt obligated to step in to help the Lord. I thought I was an assistant to the[…]

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Day Six – Sleep sweet

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:33, 19:27; Psalms 4:8, 127:2; 1 Peter 5:7 Isn’t it amazing that after he interceded for Lot and his family, Abraham simply went home? In fact, it sounds like he went home and fell asleep, since Genesis 19:27 states, “Early the next morning Abraham got up . . . “ The city of Sodom was doomed for[…]

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Day Five – Pray the details

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:23-32, Matthew 10:30 The Lord is more patient than we give Him credit. Don’t ever think He’s not interested in every detail of your life. Jesus told the disciples that the Father even knew how many hairs they had on their heads. He’s not a bottom-line God. He’s into the details. After the Lord told him what[…]

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Day Four – God’s muscle is your strength

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:22; Isaiah 40:31 After the angels told Abraham what was going to happen to Sodom, they headed out into the looming firestorm while Abraham stayed back to talk with God. The situation with Lot had to be a difficult one for Abraham to deal with. His relatives were living in the middle of a corrupt city that[…]

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Day Three – Prayer or intercession?

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:22-33; 1 Timothy 2:1; James 5:16b There is a distinct difference between praying and interceding. In fact, the apostle Paul differentiates between requests (needs), prayers (wishes or desires), and intercession (intervening and falling in line with God’s will). We list prayer requests in church, small groups, and prayer chains. We pray for specific needs, like “Dear God,[…]

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Day Two – Create a safe place

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:22; Psalms 25:14 The Psalmist said, “God confides in those who fear Him.” Think about that. Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe confides in people who hold Him in high reverence. Why would He confide in us? Because He is looking for people who understand the importance of intercession before action. The Lord debated if He[…]

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Day One – A Prayer Quest

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:16-33 Prayer is one of God’s greatest inventions. What would we do if we couldn’t pray about anything and everything? We would either take things into our own hands and make a mess of our lives—and everyone else’s—or we would lose all hope and not care if we lived or died. Prayer is the best spiritual therapy[…]

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