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Day Seven – Walking humbly with man

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:8; Titus 3:2 The Apostle Paul instructed young Titus to show true humility toward all men. It certainly makes sense—if we are walking with God, then we’re obviously walking among people. Here’s a great story I read recently that will put a cap on this week’s quest: A teacher introduced a game called “balloon stomp” to her[…]

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Day Five – Love Lovingkindness

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:8; Isaiah 54:7-8; Luke 6:36 Another meaning of the word “mercy” is to show love and kindness—lovingkindness. It goes beyond forgiveness. It includes gracious behavior toward the person we just forgave. (I’ll give you a minute to swallow this revelation, because I’m trying to digest it myself.) Naturally, it’s not difficult to show kindness to people who[…]

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Day Four – God’s lovingkindness

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:8, Psalm 103:8-9, Luke 23:34, Galatians 2:20 As I write this blog, it dawned on me that the Lord God has never asked us to do something He Himself has never done. Too often we read instructions in the Bible and think to ourselves, It’s impossible for me to do that. The Lord’s directives might be challenging,[…]

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Day Three – Difficult but not impossible

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:8, Romans 12:9-19 The same way a judge defers to the law as the standard for making judgments, we must live by a certain guideline, as well. What better standard than the consistency of scripture? While Micah the prophet spoke in general terms that we are to “do justly,” Paul the apostle goes into much more detail[…]

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Day One – Requirements for a new year

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:1-8 Happy new year to you! If you’re someone who makes new year’s resolutions or who sets goals, this week’s question—What does the Lord require of you?—may be just the ticket to help you move toward serious life change. Here’s a little backdrop of this week’s quest. Micah was a prophet who preached against the sins of[…]

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