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Day Seven – Spiritual Discipline Deters Sin

Today’s Scripture: Psalms 119:9-11 When our son-in-law attended police academy, he was required to study the procedural manual for the police department. Every night, after hours of instruction and intense physical training, the cadets were required to hand-write portions of the manual. They copied anywhere from twenty to fifty pages daily. Each page had to be completely error-free, including no[…]

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Day Six – The Cure

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 19:14, Psalm 119:11, Matthew 15:18 The very last verse of Psalm 19 contains a proactive solution to the progression of sin. It’s all about meditating on scripture. God’s Word creates a boundary of wisdom principles that keeps us from committing sin. “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Jesus[…]

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Day Five – The Great Transgression

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 19:13; 1 Corinthians 8:10; 1 Timothy 1:5, 19; 1 Timothy 4:2 Ignoring conviction over a hidden fault breeds moral depravity. Moral depravity leads to something much worse. David declared if the Lord would keep him from the control of willful sins, “Then will I be blameless, innocent of great transgression.” A great transgression is blatant revolt or[…]

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Day Four – Willful Sins

 Today’s Scripture: Psalm 19:13; Genesis 27:13, Acts 13:22 When hidden faults are ignored, they become willful sins. A person may think he is successful in disguising a secret sin. However, when sin is embraced, it creates internal change that affects external actions. Soon a person commits bolder, more willful sins with little regard to the cost. Remember when Rebekah helped[…]

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Day Three – Hidden Faults

Today’s Scripture – Psalm 19:12, Genesis 42-45 Part of David’s prayer in Psalm 19 is his request for forgiveness of hidden faults—areas people hide because they know they’re not pleasing to God. A hidden fault is more serious than an error because people are aware it exists. It’s just easier to hide than repent. Consider Joseph’s brothers. They knew it[…]

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Day Two – Generational Iniquity

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 19:12, Genesis 12:10-20, 26:6-7 David asked, “Who can discern his errors?” The word “errors” refers to moral mistakes or sins committed through ignorance. While not a habit, an error, if not dealt with immediately, can cause a person to stray from the truth and assume a lifestyle unpleasing to God. Some moral mistakes evolve from an inherent[…]

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Day One – The Subtlety of Sin

Today’s Scriptures: Psalm 19:12-14 Several years ago a newspaper published the story about a couple vacationing in a remote area of Mexico. One day, a small dog wandered by their cabin. They offered it some food which the dog eagerly gobbled up. Day after day, the dog returned until the couple became so attached to it that they brought it[…]

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