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Day Seven -Finish well!

Today’s Scripture: Acts 20:24; 2 Corinthians 8:11; 2 Timothy 4:7 In the 1968 Olympics, John Stephen Akhwari finished the marathon in last place due to an injury. “My country sent me here to finish, not drop out,” he said when people asked why he didn’t stop after he was injured. One of the other marathon runners dropped out after ten[…]

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Day Six – Stay true to your purpose

Today’s Scripture: Galatians 5:7-12; Psalms 119:30-35 Earlier this year in Wuxi, China, the two front runners in the marathon became confused about the finish line. Instead of making a left turn to face the cameras and complete a smooth finish, they continued running straight, giving the third-place runner the advantage. By the time the two confused runners realized what had[…]

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Day Five – Prepare your mind

Today’s Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13; 2 Corinthians 10:5 The mind is a powerful thing. Our thoughts can make us or break us. Medical professionals have proven that the brain allows or limits physical endurance. For example, in one experiment, researchers assigned a group of people a rigorous cycling regimen while another group performed a challenging 90-minute exam on the computer—remaining[…]

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Day Four – Hydrate!

Today’s Scripture: Psalms 63:1 During a race, the body exerts a lot of energy, and continual hydration is vital. Along the course of a marathon, volunteers man water tables and hand cups of water and Gatorade to participants as they pass by. One runner said, “It’s not 26.2 miles. It’s 10 water stops!” Hydration is more than drinking a liquid.[…]

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Day Three – Lace up!

Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 12:1; 2 Timothy 2:15 In the magazine Runner’s World, a reader shared one of his most embarrassing moments when he was running on a treadmill in the college gym and tripped over his shoelace. He flew off the treadmill and slammed into a wall. No doubt a few girls were watching. Poor guy. When running a race,[…]

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Day Two – Train!

Today’s Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:7 Those who train for marathons know it takes time and practice. Disciplines like healthy eating habits, gradual increase in speed, and periodic resting periods contribute to guaranteed success. Accountability and learning from experts is also vital. Paul instructed Timothy to “train yourself to be godly.” The Greek word for train is gymnazo from which we[…]

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Day One – Are you cut out or cut off?

Today’s Scripture: Galatians 5:7-10; 3:3 Paul the Apostle often used sports analogies to get his point across. Running was one of his favorites. He knew who could relate to what, and his comparison of spiritual perseverance to a footrace hit home with the church of Galatia. The Galatians apparently knew how to start a race, but in the middle of[…]

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