Day Four – Satan’s Desertion

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 3:7-13, Numbers 23:19, John 8:44, Romans 8:6-7

The devil successfully lured Adam and Eve from a realm of perfect peace into a place of unrest and hostility toward God (see Rom. 8:6-7). Scripture tells us it is impossible for God to lie (see Heb. 6:18 and Num. 23:19). Apparently, it’s impossible for Satan NOT to lie (John 8:44). He opened the door of deception, and Adam and Eve walked through it willingly. He created an imperfect storm where truth and untruth collide. You see, truth confronts lies while lies challenge truth.

The Lord confronted Adam with piercing questions—Where are you? Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from? After stumbling through a few weak responses, Adam pointed his finger at Eve. God turned to her and asked, “What is this you have done?” She acknowledged Satan’s deception and promptly threw him under the bus: “The serpent deceived me, and I ate” (Gen. 3:13).

Don’t you find it ironic that when Adam and Eve were confronted by God, the devil never even came to their defense? In fact, I can’t think of one time when the devil has ever defended anyone. He lures people in, deserts them, and then lets them face the consequences alone. What a guy.

  • What are times when truth and untruth have collided in your life? How quickly could you discern truth from a lie?
  • How can you more quickly recognize when Satan sets you up to fail?


  1. I think you said it best here with truth confronts lies while lies challenge truth. God always address my issues directly, he doesn’t beat around the bus or try to edge around it like a lie. A lie from the devil will always challenge what the word says, about you and your purpose. It will skirt around truth and try to make it bigger than the truth, like a shadow can make its caster seem large than what it is, The devil tries to make our problem seem bigger by casting a large shadow of doubt and confusion.

    1. Brandon – I LOVE your comments about the shadow seeming larger than the reality. He brings us into his realm of lies by causing us to exaggerate the reality of the situation. This is something we need to remain aware of continually. No wonder the Bible tells us to be alert.

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