Day One – Recognizing blind spots

Today’s Scripture: Mark 8:22-26

 The miracles of Jesus are fascinating to study. At times, He merely spoke one word and healing happened. In a few cases, He didn’t even show up on site. Instead He worked long-distance. Today He might be called a virtual healer. On a couple of occasions, He was extremely unorthodox, like the time He spit on the ground, made mud, and applied it to the blind man’s eyes. Then He instructed the blind man to make his way to the pool and wash off the mud.

This week’s Quest about the blind man in Bethsaida also stands out from other recorded miracles of Jesus because it’s the only one where the healing required a second touch. Hopefully, by the time we conclude our journey this week, we will gain a little more understanding of what was really happening in this encounter.

 Our story begins with people who brought the blind man to Jesus, begging Him to touch the man. Notice the blind man didn’t request healing for himself. Neither did Jesus ask him what he wanted. Instead, the people interceded on the man’s behalf.

When I read that, I can’t help but think to myself, If I were blind and the Healer was nearby, I’d call out to Him until I was hoarse. What blind person wouldn’t? But, wait a minute. What if I have a blind spot that I can’t see, but others can? How would I even know to request a touch from the Lord? Would I even see a need to change? Apparently not.

The Lord will use other people to reveal our blind spots so our vision can expand.

  • If your friends or family asked Jesus to change something about you, what would He do for you?
  • What are you already aware of that needs to be changed? How willing are you to allow the Lord to change you?