Day Five – Exuberant Friendships

Today’s Scripture: John 18:10-11; Luke 22:33-38

As the time of Jesus’ crucifixion neared, His instructions to them changed. Previously, Jesus had sent them out without even a wallet or an extra pair of shoes. Now, He was telling them to pack up and be armed with a sword. Times were changing.

The night of His arrest, Jesus and the disciples made their way to an olive grove. Under cloak of darkness, a small army moved in to seize Him. Judas planted the infamous kiss on His cheek, and impulsive Peter came unglued. In his fervor to defend the Lord, Peter pulled out his sword and whacked off the ear of the high priest’s servant. (I’m not sure this was how Jesus intended for them to use their swords.) The Master calmly picked up the ear and returned it to its rightful place.

Not long after His arrest, Jesus was taken to the house of the high priest. Peter followed at a distance and made his way to the courtyard where he stood with others and warmed himself by the fire. Three different people accused him of being a companion of Christ. Three times Peter denied even knowing Jesus.

Which is worse—lopping off the ear of the high priest’s servant or turning your back on a close Friend? Had this incident happened today, Peter would have been arrested for assault. But, when it comes to rejecting a friendship, today he could simply select “unfriend” and move on.

Peter did more than disown Christ. He broke the close relationship with the One Who considered him a friend. The servant who lost an ear felt serious pain. The Lord certainly felt pain as one of His most intimate friends turned his back and walked away. But, I can’t imagine the pain Peter felt once he realized what he had done. And he would be reminded every morning when a rooster crowed.

  • When you come under fire for your faith, how do you remain loyal to the Lord?