Day Four – Fragile Friendships / Powerful Prayer

Today’s Scripture: John 15:12-16; Romans 8:34

Facebook is a wonderful tool, isn’t it? You can collect friends quickly and then brag about your popularity. If you like someone’s post, you can “share” it with your Facebook friends. If you don’t like what a person posts, you can simply “unfollow” him. Of course, we all know that the ultimate Facebook insult is to “unfriend.” One person posted, “I can’t believe it! My own cousin has unfriended me!” The next day, this individual posted, “Everything’s okay. We’re friends again!” Sounds like a deep relationship, doesn’t it?

Some relationships are fragile. If a friend offends us, we can react either by holding a grudge or by excusing his actions. I’ve known some “best friends forever” who have become enemies forever simply because one person refused to apologize and/or the other person wouldn’t forgive. The strongest relationships are when someone can show/act/speak his worst and the other person remains a loyal companion.

Hours before Jesus’ crucifixion, Peter had claimed he would never turn his back on the Lord. In fact, he said, “Lord, I am ready to go with you to prison and to death.” Best friends forever! Christ calmly warned that before dawn (before the rooster crowed) Peter would in fact deny Him three times. However, the Lord assured him that He was praying so his faith wouldn’t fail. And God the Father certainly answered His Son’s prayer!

How reassuring to know that Christ continues to intercede today—friends or not.

  • Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail. How do you think the Lord prays for you?