Day One – Releasing Regrets

Today’s Scripture: John 21:1-25; Luke 22:54-62; Matthew 26:69-75

Peter is probably everybody’s favorite disciple. He was an impulsive, rash, well-intentioned human being to whom we can all relate. He did some things we would never do, but his actions certainly make us feel better about our own gaffes.

We would probably all agree that Peter’s greatest regret was when he blatantly denied Christ. As Jesus waited to stand trial, Peter was in the courtyard sitting by the fire. Within a short time, three different people recognized him as a Galilean follower of Jesus. All three times Peter insisted he didn’t know Christ and that he wasn’t “one of them.” His denials all happened in the very presence of the One Whom he was denying.

Jesus is merciful, forgiving, and redemptive. Although Peter had to live several days with remorse, the Messiah came to his rescue with restoration.

On our quest this week, I hope you will be able to release any regrets you have from the past and realize that Jesus offers restoration, not condemnation. Hopefully, by the end of the week our regrets will be gone and we can live the rest of our lives with Peter’s resolve.

Enjoy the quest!

  • What are some regrets you still hold on to? How can you let them go?