Day Seven – Disciple Duplication

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 28:16-19

The Lord has a way of completing everything He starts. No loose ends. He tied everything up in a neat package during His final visit with the Eleven when He instructed them to “go make disciples.”

But, wait. How could these uneducated, ordinary men merit making disciples? They were disciples themselves, following the divine Rabbi. What did they have to offer that would be valuable enough to benefit someone else?

Remember, young men sought out rabbis because they saw something in him that they wanted to emulate. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He wasn’t telling the disciples to become rabbis. He wanted them to become duplicators. Followers making followers. And, the Call is still valid today.

No matter how large Facebook becomes, it will never be as influential as the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Now go share His posts!

  • How are you being a disciple duplicator? What can you do to share more?
  • How will your relationship with the Lord be different after this week’s quest?

Feel free to post your thoughts and insights.