Day One – Worship in a Box

Today’s Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:16

If you were to ask someone how they would define worship, chances are the response would pertain to music and praise. Often when we hear someone say, “Wow, worship in church was fantastic this morning!” they’re usually referring to the music, the leader, the vocals, and the instruments.

Some people look at worship like a pretty box, neatly tied and labeled Do not open until Sunday. The box is safely stored on a shelf and retrieved in time for church service. Then it’s carefully carried to church and ceremoniously presented to God. At the last “amen,” worship is tucked back in the container and carefully returned to the shelf, waiting for the next church gathering.

Worship in a box.

Let’s go on a quest this week to explore the length, width, and depth of worship. The best thing that will happen is our worship will be enriched and God will be glorified.

  • How do you define worship?


  1. I’ve been taught that worship is a life-style. How we behave, the choices we make, they all have the potential to bring honor to God, to worship Him – not just what we do on Sunday’s. Saying that, I do still often find myself referring to worship as what happens on Sunday’s – how well it went, how we ‘had church’, etc… Looking forward to exploring this more with you this week!

    1. You’ve been taught well, Anne. Worship should be a lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case, is it? I’m eager to hear your thoughts as the week progresses. Blessings!

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