Day Six – Pure Worship

Today’s Scripture: John 4:24

A woman who was searching for a new church told me, “Worship at my old church has changed. I need to find another church with different/better worship.” I pondered her comment for a while and couldn’t help but wonder—what changes? Worship or the worshipper?

Worship is an act of service we give to God. Worship isn’t captured in a 90-minute service on Sunday morning. It is a constant expression of adoration that is shown in a variety of ways—through music, acts of service, attitude, faithfulness, obedience, devotion to God and one another, etc. Even if the style of music changes, worship remains constant. It’s the worshipper who changes.

When we offer pure worship to the Lord, our preferences will be out of the picture, and He will become the entire picture. Won’t we be shocked in heaven when we discover that God enjoys all types of music? Old hymns, upbeat choruses, beat-up choruses, country gospel, rap, spoken word, keyboard driven, guitar driven, drum driven. . . . God is spirit, and we must worship in spirit and in truth.

Not only do we trap worship in a box. We put God in a box. Let’s set Him free so He can set us free.

  • What worship preferences do you have that might be hindering God from receiving the pure worship He deserves? How can you take yourself out of the picture and frame worship around Him instead?