Day Four – Annoying Authority Figures

Today’s Scripture: Romans 13:1-7

I used to work for a boss who lived on the edge of ethics. He never did things that warranted jail, but he did come close to crossing the ethical line in many of his decisions. As a Christian, I was extremely frustrated with his behavior. One day I was so perturbed that I complained to God about this man’s leadership.

I’d like to report that the Lord felt sorry for me, patted me on the head and whispered, “You poor child. He can’t get away with this. Wait til I get my hands on him.” Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Instead, the Lord reprimanded me. “I made him the director, not you,” God admonished. “I’m more concerned about your response than I am his behavior.” Enough said.

The Apostle Paul reminds us that authorities have been established by God. If we work under someone who gets under our skin, we need to first check our own hearts before we expect the Lord to come to our aid.

  • How do you react when authority acts in a way that is perturbing to you? What needs to change so the Lord can come to your defense?