Day One – Sibling Rivalry

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:1-15

When my five-year-old granddaughter thinks she’s being overlooked if one of her sisters receives special attention, she sticks out her lower lip and pouts, “But what about me?” It’s not unusual to hear that from a child. In fact, it can turn into a great teachable moment for them to learn to celebrate the other person’s win rather than complain about what they think is their own loss. We can tolerate—and expect—such behavior from children. However, for an adult to act in such a way is extremely unbecoming.

Poor Moses. He just couldn’t get a break from complainers. The Israelites grumbled incessantly following their release from Egyptian slavery. At one point, their attitude was so dark that they longed to return to Egypt rather than enjoy their freedom from bondage.

Scripture describes Moses as a humble man—more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth. When his own sister and brother criticized him for marrying a woman from Ethiopia (a Cushite woman), Moses either didn’t hear it or he ignored it. But the Lord heard and came to his defense.

This week’s quest will take us into a week in Miriam’s life that she probably wished she could have rewound and redone Stories in scripture are recorded for our benefit so we can learn from other people’s mistakes. Unfortunately, Miriam’s “But, what about me?” attitude became an expensive lesson. If we are willing to learn, we will realize that she paid the price so we won’t make the same costly mistake. Who says education is expensive?

  • What are some lessons you’ve learned from Bible characters? How do you intentionally apply those lessons to your life?