Day Three – Undeserved Criticism

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 12:1-4

A mentor once told me that there are two types of criticism: Deserved and undeserved. She said if we have done something that merits the criticism, we should accept it and make the necessary changes. However, if the criticism is undeserved, we need pay no heed.

In the case of Moses, the criticism about his marriage to an Ethiopian was undeserved. Notice in the passage that he never came to his own defense. However, the Lord did, because He’s doesn’t take it lightly when leaders whom He has placed in authority are attacked.

If you are a leader and have come under fire for no reason, pray before you react. The Lord is your vindicator Who will come to your defense. Remember, He has placed you in your position of responsibility.

However, if the criticism spoken against you IS deserved, then be humble enough to take ownership for your wrong-doings. You’ll be a better person for it—and others will thank you.

  • How easy/difficult is it for you to accept criticism? What can you do to be more receptive to correction?