Day Six – It’s All About God’s Touch!

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 14:14, 15:30-32

In the Old Testament story, notice that the bread went from the giver directly to the people. The prophet never touched it. In the New Testament accounts, however, the bread went from the giver, to the disciples, to the Master, back to the disciples, and then finally to the people.

Picture this. Jesus had just spent three days in the wilderness touching and healing people. His hands must have been filled with germs. Since hygiene was not as critical or convenient in those days as it is today, it’s doubtful that He washed His hands before touching the bread.

Every piece of bread carried Jesus germs!

Think how much more effective we could be if we presented ourselves to the Master for His touch first. Then He could send us out to minister to people as broken pieces of bread with His fingerprints all over us.

Jesus germs—A contagion the world can live with!

  • How important is it that we present ourselves to the Master for His touch before we touch others?
  • Using the analogy of broken bread, how has God “broken” you? What happens to us when we are broken by Him?