Day Three – God Does More with Less

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 14:15, 19-20; 15:32-37

Since the Old Testament story took place at the school of the prophets, chances are it was not located in a remote area—at least, not as remote as the areas where Jesus and the disciples ministered. Limited resources allow an unlimited God to do limitless things.

Someone asked a missionary why so many amazing miracles happen in other countries compared to the lack of miracles in the United States. The missionary replied that we have so much in the States on which to rely, we turn to our own resources before prayer. In countries where resources are scarce, people have no other choice but to rely on the Lord first.

In both accounts in Matthew, the people followed Jesus to remote places, where He met all their physical needs—including hunger:

7 loaves fed 4,000, 7 baskets left (Matthew 15)

5 loaves fed 5,000, 12 baskets left (Matthew 14)

The fewer the resources, the greater the miracle.

  • What message do you think Jesus wanted His disciples (and us) to understand when He fed more with less? What inspiration do you find in that concept?
  • When you find yourself in a “remote place,” what does God do that you cannot? When you see Him at work, what does that do for your faith?