Day Six – Pardon me

Today Scripture: Isaiah 55:7-8

This true story may capture the essence of what it means to pardon a debt.

Lucien Young, a Kentuckian, served in the Navy in the 1800’s. When one of the naval vessels wrecked, he helped save the lives of several people. As a result, he received a commendation from the Secretary of the Navy, a gold medal by Congress, and he was made an honorary member of the Kentucky legislature.

As a young man, Lucien had a friend named Sam. Unfortunately, Sam didn’t make the same wise choices Lucien did. Sam ended up serving a 25-year prison sentence in Kentucky for murder.

After Sam had served most of his sentence, Lucien approached the governor of the state and requested a pardon on his friend’s behalf. The governor noted Lucien’s commendations for his acts of bravery while serving in the Navy years before. “Based on your sterling reputation,” the governor said, “I will sign this pardon for your friend.”

Lucien stuck the signed pardon in his back pocket and went to see Sam. After the two friends visited for a while, Lucien asked, “Sam, if you were released and fully pardoned, what’s the first thing you would do?”

“I would go to Lancaster and kill Judge Owsley and the man who served as a witness against me.”

Lucien left the prison, walked outside, and tore the pardon into pieces. If only Sam had been as willing to forgive as the governor was.

If only we could be as willing to pardon as God is.

  • Talk openly with the Lord today about your challenges to forgive and forget. Listen carefully to how He responds. It will be a life-changing moment for you.