Day Five – Correction—It’s Give and Take

Today’s Scripture:2 Timothy 4:2

Paul instructed Timothy that he was to “ . . . correct, rebuke, and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” Then Paul warned that a time would come when people would not be willing to receive correction. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if that day has already arrived.

No one enjoys being corrected, but if it’s done with “great patience and careful instruction,” people will receive it and appreciate a chance to improve.

In our choir, we had “spotters” who sat by the sidelines and observed the entire dress rehearsals. If something or someone was out of sync with the rest of the troupe, the spotters took notes so it could be addressed and corrected.

The privilege of correcting wasn’t limited to the spotters on the sidelines. Choir members were encouraged to point out flaws in those standing around them. The correction wasn’t intended to embarrass or scold. It was so everyone could perform with excellence.

The first time the man behind me pointed out something I was doing wrong, I was annoyed. But, he was acting like a vital member of the body, making sure everything happening around him moved seamlessly. No one wants to be out of sync in front of an audience of hundreds. His correction, though embarrassing for a second, helped me look and act my best.

The body needs correctors AND correction. Without it we will end up looking foolish and the body will be undisciplined. The Lord disciplines those He loves. If we love one another, we will do the same—with great patience and careful instruction.

  • How easy/difficult is it for you to receive mild rebukes from others? How can you take the sting out of receiving correction?
  • What do you find challenging about correcting others?