Day Two – Find Your Window

Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 12:2

I tend to get easily distracted, which is why my preferred seat at church is in the front. If I sit in the back, I pay more attention to the people around me than I do the sermon.

When the choir director placed us on the risers, he instructed us to “find our window” so we could see beyond those standing in front of us and keep our eyes only on him. Even when the dancers were performing, we had to divert our eyes and focus solely on our leader, lest we miss an important cue of when and when not to sing.

The director didn’t move to make himself visible to us. We had to position ourselves so we could see him. Yes, it would have been more entertaining to watch the dancers than the director; but, we each had to stay focused on our leader so we knew what to do next.

So it is with the Lord, our Master Leader. He remains constant, unmovable, and unchangeable. If we lose sight of Him, it’s because we’ve moved—not Him. It’s up to us to intentionally adjust our position so we have a clear view of Him regardless of what distractions might be vying for our attention.

  • How do you keep your eyes focused on the Lord?
  • What distractions compete for your attention? How can you ignore them so you don’t miss important cues from Him?