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the one minute bible guide

Want a better grasp of scripture?
The 1-Minute Bible Guide offers just that!
This easy-to-read guide covers more than 1,250 of the most important elements of God’s Word, within seven overall categories:

  • People
  • Names of God
  • Events
  • Places
  • Figures of Speech
  • Questions
  • Ideas

Each entry includes

  • a representative verse
  • a concise description you can read and digest in 60 seconds or less
    and, as a bonus,
  • additional references if you want to dig deeper!

You’ll learn why each person, place, thing, or idea plays an important role in the larger story of the Bible—the ultimate story of God’s love for humanity.



25 questions book

God knows the power of questions, and 25 Questions God Asked shows how God interacts with people as He delivers truth through His word. Start on a journey of self-discovery as you work through these twenty-five life-changing questions and search your heart for honest answers. Each chapter examines one question in depth, contains additional queries for self-discovery, and a journaling section to record what God is showing you.




wait a minute bookThirty devotionals inspired by Life’s Breath-Catching Moments by Mary K. Selzer