Day One – A Prayer Quest

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:16-33

Prayer is one of God’s greatest inventions. What would we do if we couldn’t pray about anything and everything? We would either take things into our own hands and make a mess of our lives—and everyone else’s—or we would lose all hope and not care if we lived or died. Prayer is the best spiritual therapy money can buy—except that it’s free.

Abraham’s prayer in Genesis 18 has gone down in history as one of the most incredible examples of intercession. He stood in the gap (interceded) for the wicked city of Sodom until the Lord released him.

Just a brief backdrop. Abraham and his nephew Lot were on their way to Canaan. As they traveled, their livestock increased to the point where they needed to separate. Abraham gave Lot his choice of where to settle. Scripture states he chose the green lush land and he “pitched his tent toward Sodom”—an incredibly wicked city that was on God’s radar for impending judgment. Before long Lot and his family moved directly into the heart of the city where they settled in the midst of evil.

Abraham had an enviable relationship with God. He wasn’t perfect, by any means, but today we call him the Father of Faith. The Lord isn’t looking for perfection. He seeks willingness—and he found it in Abraham. His model of intercession is an inspiring one to follow. This week let’s learn from the Father of Faith and go on a prayer quest.

  • How did Abraham earn the title Father of Faith?
  • What inspiration in his life can you apply to yours so God can use you in unusual ways?