Day Two – Create a safe place

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 18:22; Psalms 25:14

The Psalmist said, “God confides in those who fear Him.” Think about that. Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe confides in people who hold Him in high reverence. Why would He confide in us? Because He is looking for people who understand the importance of intercession before action.

The Lord debated if He should tell Abraham what was going to happen to the city of Sodom. Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do? God needed someone He could trust to listen and then stand in the gap for the righteous who were living in that wicked city. He picked the right guy. Abraham could be trusted with a divine secret—and he knew how to pray. When the angels left to go to Sodom, Abraham “remained standing before the Lord.” No wonder God confided in him.

Obviously, prayer is a two-way street. We talk to God and He speaks to us. But, if you’re like me, the tendency is to turn that two-way into a one-way too quickly: “Dear God, please bless . . .  and heal . . . and provide . . .thanks for listening . . . gotta run. Amen.” If we want God to speak to us, we need to linger long enough until He does.

One of the ways the Lord speaks to us is through His Holy Spirit, symbolized in scripture as a gentle dove. Dr. R. T. Kendall, speaker and author, draws a comparison between doves and pigeons. These birds are of the same family, yet they are vastly different. Pigeons can be trained, but doves cannot. Pigeons are belligerent and boisterous. Doves are loving and gentle. Pigeons are bold and invasive. Doves are sensitive and peaceful, and they depart quickly when they sense something is amiss.

I tend to pray on the run. I’ve prayed while driving the car—while running the vacuum—while folding laundry. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, right? Now I can’t help but wonder if my efforts to conserve time have killed the wrong bird—the dove. Looking back, the times I’ve heard the Lord’s voice the clearest have been in those still, quiet moments when I’ve done nothing else but wait to hear Him speak.

If we will create a safe place, God will confide.

  • What do you think the fear of the Lord has to do with His sharing a confidence?
  • Is it difficult for you to remain still in His Presence? How can you create a safe place where you can hear the Lord speak?