Day Four – It doesn’t come to stay

Today’s Scripture: 2 Kings 4:3

My daughter and I have a favorite scripture that we pull out of the box as needed. When she complains about certain challenges in life, I’ll ask, “What’s our favorite scripture verse?” “And it came to pass,” she responds. “And why is that so important?” I ask. “Because it doesn’t come to stay.” Groan.

Elisha instructed the widow to borrow vessels from her neighbors, indicating her situation would be temporary, not permanent. She was to borrow—not beg to keep. He wanted her to rise above a possible “woe-is-me” drama and act with the expectation that her need would be met.

Imagine the response of the neighbors when the widow and her sons asked to borrow jars. News probably buzzed throughout that town, including the school of the prophets. Everyone would have a part in this miracle by giving jars, offering the encouragement, and eventually, by purchasing the miraculous oil. If I had loaned a jar to this widow, I’d later display it on a shelf and tell my kids, their kids, and their kids’ kids, “This vessel was part of a great miracle performed by God. Let me tell you the story . . . “

If we will avoid the “woe-is-me” mentality and instead face difficult times with the expectation that God will intervene for us, He will receive glory, those around us will experience an increase in their faith level, and we can all rejoice together.

Remember—it comes to pass. It doesn’t come to stay.

  • What is your initial response when you face a difficult trial? How can you avoid a “woe-is-me” attitude?