Day Three – Participate and Appreciate

Today’s Scripture: 2 Kings 4:3

Different people have different ways of responding to dire circumstances. Some people isolate themselves, choosing to suffer alone with their unmet need. Unfortunately for them, the need often remains unmet. Other folks complain—sometimes subtly and other times not so subtly—so someone will come to their rescue while they do nothing to help themselves. There are those who never stay down. They get a second or third job, scrimp and save, and claw their way out of the situation. Then at times God extends an invitation for a person to participate in the miracle. Such was the case of the woman in 2 Kings 4.

We don’t know what this widow wanted from Elisha when she told him about her desperate need. Did she expect the young prophets in the school to come to her aid, since her husband was an alumnus of the school? Was she expecting Elisha to organize a Go-Fund-Me on her behalf? Or, would the Lord plunk a bunch of money in her account so she could pay the creditor?

Years prior to this event, Elijah, Elisha’s mentor, had had an encounter with another widow during a time of drought and famine. She was down to her last drop of oil. The Lord intervened and miraculously kept the flow of oil going until the famine ended.

Why would God perform a one-handed miracle for one widow but make another one work so hard by borrowing vessels and selling the oil? Possibly because the first widow was a victim of circumstances completely out of her control—an area-wide famine and drought. The second widow was obligated to pay off a debt her husband had incurred.

The Lord wants us to assume responsibility for situations we create. He’s more than willing to work on our behalf if we’re willing to work with Him. Participation creates appreciation.

  • What miracle are you believing God to perform that you need to actively take part in?