Day Four – God’s lovingkindness

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:8, Psalm 103:8-9, Luke 23:34, Galatians 2:20

As I write this blog, it dawned on me that the Lord God has never asked us to do something He Himself has never done. Too often we read instructions in the Bible and think to ourselves, It’s impossible for me to do that. The Lord’s directives might be challenging, but nothing we’re instructed to do in scripture is impossible. Jesus has already modeled how we should live.

Consider the second requirement the prophet Micah mentions—love mercy. Who is more merciful than the Lord?

One definition of mercy is to show kind or forgiving treatment of someone who should be treated harshly. Sound familiar? This is exactly what Jesus extended from the cross. He even excused the actions of the Roman soldiers when He prayed, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He didn’t see ruthless, vindictive people who had no problem crucifying an innocent Man. His merciful eyes saw ignorant people with no clue what they were doing and Who they were doing it to. The first thing He saw was what they needed, not what He needed.

We will know we love mercy when it flows from us to others as naturally as it flows from God to us.

  • How difficult/easy is it for you to show mercy to those who don’t deserve it?
  • Why is mercy so important that God would make it a requirement?

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