Day One – Requirements for a new year

Today’s Scripture: Micah 6:1-8

Happy new year to you!

If you’re someone who makes new year’s resolutions or who sets goals, this week’s question—What does the Lord require of you?—may be just the ticket to help you move toward serious life change.

Here’s a little backdrop of this week’s quest. Micah was a prophet who preached against the sins of the Israelites, warning them of serious consequences if they didn’t repent and change their ways. In Micah 6, we read how the Lord invited the Israelites to plead their case before Him. Then the Holy Prosecutor lodged His charge against Israel by reminding them how He has safely led and abundantly blessed them in the past. Yet they remained distant and disobedient.

After God spoke, the prophet voiced his response by asking (with what may have been a bit of sarcasm) how many animal sacrifices would suffice their sin. Or should he, Micah, sacrifice his own child on their behalf? Then he reminded them what the Lord really requires—that they act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. Sounds simple, right?

What better way to begin a new year than to explore what the Lord requires. We can spend the year making appropriate adjustments that will bring us in alignment with His will. Imagine how our lives will be different a year from now.

  • How does the word “require” resonate with you?
  • As we explore this scripture, how willing are you to set goals or make adjustments that will help you meet His requirements? What will keep you from making progress?


  1. I am a I am a progress at work but God He is working it out. Thank you for this word of God, It is well needed.

    1. Sister – We are ALL a work in program. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the little devotionals. Love to you!

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